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All New CarMoji

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

MojiLife upgraded the Mini, and it is better than ever. Now, it comes in a neoprene carrying case that acts as a pod tote. It also comes with two very convenient clips. One is for the visor, and one is custom designed for the vent. You can attach the clip for your car scent preference, the visor option for less fragrance, and the vent one for more. The MojiMini comes in three great colors (black, white, and grey) that match any interior dashboard and design. MojiLife has a wide variety of scent pods perfect for your ride! The Poolside pod is like a Pina Colada. Blue Glacier is a favorite among men as it is very similar to Black Ice. Summer Vacation, Maui, and more await. Every sniffer differs, but you will surely find the right scent for you. One of the best things about the Car Mini is it takes the same pods as the AirMoji for your home so it is super convenient, universal, and diverse.

Which color of CarMoji and which pod will you start your journey with?

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