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AirMoji – Revolutionary Technology

Experience custom fragrance and fun with the many options available in the AirMoji. This device offers innovative technology and sophistication, with some, revolutionary features. The customisable LED light band provides a personal touch to your space, allowing you to choose your own colours and light patterns within the AirMoji App. Easily change the frequency and speed settings using the switches found at the bottom of the device as well as additional customisation options, also available within the app. Keep your AirMoji protected while on the go with the all new travel case included. The possibilities are endless with this amazing device!

Our natural, wood fibre cores are saturated with luxury, curated fragrances designed just for you. Both our fragrance pods and essential oil pods allow you to place the fragrance of your choice inside your AirMoji without ever touching the high-quality oils. You can easily switch fragrances without a mess. Our patented, leading-edge technology then disperses the fragrance of your choice throughout your space. The rechargeable AirMoji has a battery that delivers hours and hours of fragrance between charges. Place the device anywhere and control it using your smartphone. Once the AirMoji has been programmed, you can relax while it refreshes and invigorates your home.

*Each device comes complete with a charging cord, plug and travel case.

Black AirMoji II
White AirMoji II

AirMoji Features

  • Comes in 3 colours – white, black and grey – and is manufactured using high quality materials.

  • Beautiful new neoprene travel case included. Use the case to carry your device or for easy pod storage.

  • New and improved AirMoji app with unlimited options for LED colour customisation, increased timer interval options, and programmable schedules with multiple schedules allowed. Navigate easily between devices and enjoy the convenience of a popular schedule already pre-programmed to your device, right out of the case!

  • The LED light band is a fun new feature and comes programmed in Moji Blue. Select any of the pre-programmed colour moods within the AirMoji app! Choose from chromotherapy presets, a programmable night light, and even HEX code custom colour entries. The possibilities are endless within the app.

  • Choose from variable fan speeds using the base switches or within the AirMoji app. The new “MojiMax” option will quickly boost your fragrance for 2 hours at full speed.

  • Manually control the fan speed, LED light (on/off), and simple timer settings using the switches on the bottom of the device.

  • Low battery warning will alert you when your battery needs charging with a blinking power button. Auto shut-off also ensures that your programming will not be lost if your device powers off.

  • Improved device features, including evolved internal engineering, a secure cap that clicks into place with a slight degree rotation, a micro-USB power cord, as well as raised footing and rear vent added to the device for better airflow.

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