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Relax Essential Oil Bath Bomb

Relax Essential Oil Bath Bomb

This lovely bath bomb is quite the experience, full of relaxing, mind-calming lavender essential oil and moisturizing coconut oil. Lay back and relax as your tub fills with a bright swirl of pink and purple color, this bath bomb will slowly fizz while creating a soothing bubble bath. The Relax bath bomb is both vegan and gluten-free.Directions for use: For optimal fizz and a large bubble bath place under HOT RUNNING WATER. Please take precautions when entering and exiting the tub, as the soothing oils in the bath bomb may cause the tub to be slippery. Rinse tub after draining. For external use only.Ingredients:Sodium BicabonateCitric AcidMESCoconut OilLavender Essential OilPEG-400Sodium Benzoate
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